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Kay Johnson, was born on January 11th in Baltimore, Maryland with humble beginnings and a humble heart.

Raised by her single mother and older brother, K started rapping at the young age of 13 when she was dared by her brother who is also a rapper in an underground studio in Baltimore to do a rap battle against him.  Not being afraid of a challenge, K battled her brother and won over not only his heart, but earned the respect of every producer in the room.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Not being afraid of hard work, K began writing and recording music while in high school and performed in talent shows that she was not even old enough to attend.  While in college, K never abandoned her love for hip hop and continued to rap and record while handling the stresses of academics, a full-time job, and a college basketball career.

Upon her college graduation, her first album Look At Me Now, was released to the hip hop community in Baltimore with raving reviews.  Her title track, “B-City Stomp” became an anthem in the Baltimore Hip-Hop community earning K radio plays and leading to invitations to perform at festivals, talent shows, and numerous radio interviews.  The release of her album propelled Kay into local success and afforded her opportunities to work closely with the nation’s leading Hip Hop artists but one in particular, her idol McLyte, left a lasting impression on K Johnson.  K decided it was time to branch out and advance as an artist

After the local success of her first album, K sought to broaden her horizons and made a bold decision to move to Atlanta in order to create a hybrid of northern Baltimore hip hop with the established southern rap scene.

Once in Atlanta, K released her highly anticipated sophomore album, “Let me Live my life” which pays heavy homage to her musical idol McLyte and her upbringing in Baltimore while openly discussing the challenges of being a female rapper in a male dominated industry.  The release of her sophomore album in 2007 granted K immediate underground success in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene, and creating opportunities to do showcases working with Many artists in Atlanta

To Date, K has performed in an impressive 500 performances nation-wide and has had 5 singles released on local radio.

Currently, K is working on her third album and is focusing on getting signed to a major label so she can continue to take the world by storm, just as she had done in Baltimore and Atlanta.

Remembering her humble background and upbringing, K has a big and humble heart.  She has volunteered with local youth centers educating teens on the importance of music education, and has served as a mentor to disadvantaged youths. Not only does K dedicate time to the hip hop community K also donates time to local charities like AIDS Atlanta Walk and the Atlanta 2-Day walk for Breast Cancer.

To K, music is life.  Music has afforded her opportunity to indulge in a passion, give back to the community, and pay homage to her upbringing.  K states, “Hip hop is a love’ a dream, a life, and a passion.  It’s not about the money; it is about doing what I love and having the opportunity through music, to give back to the community.”

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  • 728coffees per year
  • 276apples per year
  • 1979year of creation
  • 666Number of the beast


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